Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello Iowa & Delaware!

Since my visit to Yale I've traveled from Connecticut to Iowa then on to Delaware and finally landed at home for a few days!

Iowa was much more than I expected! The town itself felt a lot like home as did the facility. The facility was super nice with a fun room named the Solarium where I conducted all of my meetings. The VPA, Heather, was literally the nicest person I have met on my travels thus far! She is sweet as can be with a lot of charm and hospitality. All of the women at Beta Omicron were welcoming and friendly. They event let me attend their sisterhood event at "Fired Up" a studio you painted all sorts of items at.

I was also able to eat lunch at a bar, Airliners, where Ashton Kutcher was discovered! Very fun local place with great pizza and... cheese balls. No not mozerella sitck, but literall cheese balls haha

My visit to Iowa felt way to short and I quickly headed off to Delaware! The women of Zeta Tau were also so friendly and fun! I made it just in time for a sisterhood activity as well. I was thrilled to hear the movie we would be watching... HOCUS POCUS!! It is the perfect Halloween movie, a holiday must see if you will haha

Look what the Lambda Chi's dropped off at the Theta house :) Feels like home!

Delaware had a beautiful campus and a great main street full of shops and little places to eat. The women took me to a fun gas station (eqivalent of Quick Trip), and if you know anything about me you know I am OBSESSED with Quick Trip, so I loved experiencing WaWa's!

On Saturday I headed home, thankfully missing the Northeastern snow storm... or so I thought! I boarded my plane at noon thinking I would get out in time. Instead we sat on the runway for over an hour waiting for the sleet to stop so we could take off. Once we were in the air the flight attendants informed us we would be arriving at 3:55, over an hour after are planned arrival. Unfortunately for me my flight was taking off at 4:10. As we pulled into the gate I saw my plane getting loaded up and began the count down as I realized I had 8 minutes to make my flight. I'd already checked and there were no other flights back to Oklahoma that night. I literally sprinted to the plane and made it just in time! As soon as I sat down we shut the door and were off.

For the next few days I am planning to enjoy some relaxation before heading off to Nashville to initiate the new Belmont chapter! I cannot wait to be reunited with Joni, Katie, Christa & Casey!!! This is going to be such a fun week!!

Now boarding... next destination relaxation.

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