Monday, October 3, 2011

1-800-catchamom, Ole Miss Recruitment 2011!

Well Hotty Toddy again from Ole Miss!

I spent the last week surrounded by wonderful women, beautiful decorations and lots and lots of glitter! Recruitment was full of sleepless nights, crazy PNM mothers, and of course lots of singing!

Obviously, I had good ole southern cookin' again at Ole Miss and was very thankful for the sweet tea. I was a frequent visitor to Newk's and had lots of home made goodies from the Theta moms! Now PNM mothers were the exception to the nice mom rule. SEC recruitments are very intense, this being the case, PNM mothers drove by, hid outside of house and many other creative things just hoping to get a glimpse of her daughter in the midst of recruitment. One mom even went as far as to dress up like a PNM (name tag and all) and climb a tree. She was spotted and quickly removed haha

I was also able to meet up with an Alpha Omicron Pi consultant from Oklahoma (Taryn) and veiw the Delta Gamma and Alpha Omicron Pi skits at Ole Miss. Both were very upbeat and so much fun! The Theta's did a skit called Sorority Night Live. The favorite act was coffee talk and definitely kept the PNMs laughing. While viewing Delta Gamma's skit we were notified the fire alarm had gone off at the Kappa Delta house. All PNMs and members were evauated and outside for half of the round waiting on the fire department. It's events like these that you just have to laugh and continue on through the long process.

The Epsilon Zeta women had great decorations and loved the way recruitment turned out! I was even able to go to Incredible Pizza with them to celebrate bid day with their new members. I loved my time at Ole Miss and cannot wait to return again!!!

Now boarding to Columbus, Ohio. Headed to Ohio State and hoping to meet up with Mallory Butts!

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