Monday, October 24, 2011

Yale... So it's like Hogwarts...

Hello from Yale!

It is official… I am in love with Yale’s campus! As soon as I stepped foot onto the campus I began to reminisce of my time abroad in Oxford. Katherine can attest to the millions of texts I began to send her about how much I felt like it was summer again and I was on Oxfords campus. When I took the official Yale tour my suspicions were confirmed. The architect that designed the residential college in the 1930s mimicked the building to look like Oxford University

The first officer I met with began explaining Yale’s residential college system to me by saying, “It’s like Harry Potter and the sorting hat. Before we come to campus the hat has decided which college we will be in for the remainder of our time at Yale.” The residential college system really intrigues me. Basically, your residential college decides where you live, eat, and hang out. Obviously any Yale student is welcome in any college at any time, however, you become closest to the members of your respective college. The colleges also have lots of competition with one another, it literally reminded me of Hogwarts! Haha
The other topic that interested me tremendously while at Yale is the topic of secret societies! I had always heard of Skull and Bones, but never full knew how the process worked for societies. There is a very intricate interviewing process for societies. You receive a hand written note to your dorm inviting you to interview, the only catch is you do not know what society you are interviewing with. There are multiple rounds of interviews (the first is usually masked and the second you know the society you are interviewing with). Each historical society has a “tomb” where members can go and spend time. The tombs are unmarked buildings with absolutely no windows. Top secret for sure. Each day on my walk into campus I passed the Skull and Bones tomb!

My last night in New Haven the women took me to see a Yale Hockey game which was so much fun! I definitely have a new found liking for ice hockey! The women of Epsilon Tau treated me like a queen, taking me to different local food places for each meeting. My favorite being Atticus! Claire’s was the local favorite for dessert.
All in all I loved my time at Yale and with the women of Epsilon Tau! The new facility was super cute and I enjoyed every minute. I bought myself a cute Yale tshirt and will definitely wear it in support J

Now boarding for Cedar Rapids Iowa to visit the University of Iowa!

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  1. Just found your blog! Love it! I didn't start mine until my 2nd year of ELCing and wish I had started sooner! Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventures!