Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan..."

Hello from Malibu!

Prior to my trip to Malibu I was able to be home for the OU/TX game and Tanna's wedding shower. I had such a great time at home with friends and family!

This trip to Pepperdine has been one crazy beautiful ride. I saw many beautiful sights, met up with friends and spent time with a great group of women! Some of which are UT fans... but I'll forgive them haha

My first full day in Malibu was incredible! I had a morning meeting at starbucks where the recruitment officer and I discussed recruitment of course, but more importantly football! She is from Dallas and a life long UT fan so it was a fun meeting :) Justine and Zack picked me up from there and it was off to had an eventful day.

My adventures with Justine and Zack were endless, so I will just hit the highlights:

#1 They took me to a local place called Lily's to have breakfast burritos. It was a little hole in the wall place but delicious!
#2 We drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and the Hollywood strip!

#3 We ventured to a little street in downtown LA with authentic taquitos and guac. Justine was a prankster and got Zack with her childhood confetti eggs, which you know I LOVED haha

#4 We went to Santa Monica and walked around the shops!
Last and certainly not least #5... I got to meet up with Morgan! Morgan is a Tri Delta consultant from OU! It was so fun seeing familiar faces on the road!

The rest of my visit was spent on Pepperdine's beautiful campus! I had so much fun with the women and it was sad to say goodbye... especially at 7 am when I arrived at the airport. I hope to visit the women of Zeta Phi again sometime!

Now boarding for Hartford, Connecticut where I will be visiting the Epsilon Tau chapter at YALE!!!

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