Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sisterhood. Happiness. Holidays.

I'm back!.. in Oklahoma that is :) Ready to eat some Thanksgiving turkey, spend time with friends & family and of course watch some football! But before I get to all of that let me catch you up on the recent happening in my life.

After my last visit home and Tanna's wedding, it was time to visit Ole Miss again and see the women of Epsilon Zeta! This time I was able to meet all of the new officers as well as hang out with the current officers and membrs. And boy oh boy did I arrive just in time! My first night back in Oxford I was able to attend the chapters Thanksgiving meal! YUMMY! The meal had the best sweet potato casserole EVER! I was also in town to see the women get dressed up in tacky Christmas for their date party. Best of all I was in town to attend a great sisterhood event... skating! It has been so long since I last put on roller blades, but I managed to even WOP while skating! To top off my visit I was able to attend the Twilight premiere of Breaking Dawn part 1 with some of the chapter members! It was a late night and an early morning, but all in all the visit was a major success!!

Following my visit to Ole Miss I headed to the University of Richmond to meet the women of Epsilon Psi! My visit with Epsilon Psi was so much fun! Besides being a gorgeous campus, the women were so hospitable. I stayed in a nearby hotel and was treated like a queen everywhere we went. One afternoon we went to an old school theater, red carpet, gold trim and all and watched The Help. Richmond has a lot of wonderful local places to eat, which the women made sure to take me to.

When it came time to take me to the airport I waited in the lobby instead of going through security and guess who came through the gate to see me... CHRISTA!! Prior to her arrival I met up with Christa's lovely mother and started chatting about the life of an ELC. It made me even more thankful to have the wonderful ELC women in my life! Women who understand what it is like to be doing a job like this and support you unconditionally. Christa's family was so welcoming! I was only able to stay one night but definitely fell in love with the Samaha family!

Early the next morning Christa and I woke up and began a day of adventure prior to my departure for OKC. We started the day by touring the Jamestown Settlement. Such a cool place! Nerdy, I know, but Christa and I had a blast!

The next stop on our adventure was colonial Williamsburg! Christa & I walked around and saw all the old buildings, including the palace! Stopped to take a few funny pictures, saw the William & Mary Theta house, and shopped in a cute Lily store. After all the running around we had lunch at a cute place before heading to my favorite place... Yankee Candle! It is like Christmas all year!!

My time with Christa and her family was too short but so much fun! I cannot wait to visit Williamsburg again :)

From Williamsburg I made the trip home to Oklahoma! The next day happend to be my biggie's (Kara) birthday, so we went to Cafe 501 to celebrate! After lunch with Kara it was time to run a few errands before seeing Michael on his way out of town. We met at Sara Sara Cupcakes, which I LOVE, before he headed home to Ponca.

Now it's time to put the brownies in the oven while we eat some turkey! Monday I will be headed to Stae College, PA to visit Penn State and the women of Beta Phi again :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Back to Nashville!!

The beginning of November brought me back to Nashville and reunited with Joni, Katie, Christa & Casey! It was so much fun to see the women of Eta Phi again and walk through this wonderful experience with them.

I loved spending time with the four other ELCs!!! We perfected our ironing abilities, watched tons of movies, and held a beautiful initiation service! The best part of the visit for me was seeing the charter service where Eta Phi was given their charter and each new member signed. Seeing the new members excitement and happiness made my heart happy!

From Nashville I headed home to Oklahoma to see family and friends. I went Christmas shopping with my family and we are already close to finished (WAHOO)! Later in the week I make the road trip to Pampa, TX with my best friends to celebrate Tanna & Chris at their wedding. Pampa didn't know what hit them as all the Theta's hit the town! The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! Every detail was perfect and fun. Tanna did a great job and it was a night to remember!

It was a great trip home, relaxing and fun! Now I am off to Ole Miss, just in time for their Thanksgiving dinner!! Now boarding for Oxford, Mississippi...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello Iowa & Delaware!

Since my visit to Yale I've traveled from Connecticut to Iowa then on to Delaware and finally landed at home for a few days!

Iowa was much more than I expected! The town itself felt a lot like home as did the facility. The facility was super nice with a fun room named the Solarium where I conducted all of my meetings. The VPA, Heather, was literally the nicest person I have met on my travels thus far! She is sweet as can be with a lot of charm and hospitality. All of the women at Beta Omicron were welcoming and friendly. They event let me attend their sisterhood event at "Fired Up" a studio you painted all sorts of items at.

I was also able to eat lunch at a bar, Airliners, where Ashton Kutcher was discovered! Very fun local place with great pizza and... cheese balls. No not mozerella sitck, but literall cheese balls haha

My visit to Iowa felt way to short and I quickly headed off to Delaware! The women of Zeta Tau were also so friendly and fun! I made it just in time for a sisterhood activity as well. I was thrilled to hear the movie we would be watching... HOCUS POCUS!! It is the perfect Halloween movie, a holiday must see if you will haha

Look what the Lambda Chi's dropped off at the Theta house :) Feels like home!

Delaware had a beautiful campus and a great main street full of shops and little places to eat. The women took me to a fun gas station (eqivalent of Quick Trip), and if you know anything about me you know I am OBSESSED with Quick Trip, so I loved experiencing WaWa's!

On Saturday I headed home, thankfully missing the Northeastern snow storm... or so I thought! I boarded my plane at noon thinking I would get out in time. Instead we sat on the runway for over an hour waiting for the sleet to stop so we could take off. Once we were in the air the flight attendants informed us we would be arriving at 3:55, over an hour after are planned arrival. Unfortunately for me my flight was taking off at 4:10. As we pulled into the gate I saw my plane getting loaded up and began the count down as I realized I had 8 minutes to make my flight. I'd already checked and there were no other flights back to Oklahoma that night. I literally sprinted to the plane and made it just in time! As soon as I sat down we shut the door and were off.

For the next few days I am planning to enjoy some relaxation before heading off to Nashville to initiate the new Belmont chapter! I cannot wait to be reunited with Joni, Katie, Christa & Casey!!! This is going to be such a fun week!!

Now boarding... next destination relaxation.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yale... So it's like Hogwarts...

Hello from Yale!

It is official… I am in love with Yale’s campus! As soon as I stepped foot onto the campus I began to reminisce of my time abroad in Oxford. Katherine can attest to the millions of texts I began to send her about how much I felt like it was summer again and I was on Oxfords campus. When I took the official Yale tour my suspicions were confirmed. The architect that designed the residential college in the 1930s mimicked the building to look like Oxford University

The first officer I met with began explaining Yale’s residential college system to me by saying, “It’s like Harry Potter and the sorting hat. Before we come to campus the hat has decided which college we will be in for the remainder of our time at Yale.” The residential college system really intrigues me. Basically, your residential college decides where you live, eat, and hang out. Obviously any Yale student is welcome in any college at any time, however, you become closest to the members of your respective college. The colleges also have lots of competition with one another, it literally reminded me of Hogwarts! Haha
The other topic that interested me tremendously while at Yale is the topic of secret societies! I had always heard of Skull and Bones, but never full knew how the process worked for societies. There is a very intricate interviewing process for societies. You receive a hand written note to your dorm inviting you to interview, the only catch is you do not know what society you are interviewing with. There are multiple rounds of interviews (the first is usually masked and the second you know the society you are interviewing with). Each historical society has a “tomb” where members can go and spend time. The tombs are unmarked buildings with absolutely no windows. Top secret for sure. Each day on my walk into campus I passed the Skull and Bones tomb!

My last night in New Haven the women took me to see a Yale Hockey game which was so much fun! I definitely have a new found liking for ice hockey! The women of Epsilon Tau treated me like a queen, taking me to different local food places for each meeting. My favorite being Atticus! Claire’s was the local favorite for dessert.
All in all I loved my time at Yale and with the women of Epsilon Tau! The new facility was super cute and I enjoyed every minute. I bought myself a cute Yale tshirt and will definitely wear it in support J

Now boarding for Cedar Rapids Iowa to visit the University of Iowa!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan..."

Hello from Malibu!

Prior to my trip to Malibu I was able to be home for the OU/TX game and Tanna's wedding shower. I had such a great time at home with friends and family!

This trip to Pepperdine has been one crazy beautiful ride. I saw many beautiful sights, met up with friends and spent time with a great group of women! Some of which are UT fans... but I'll forgive them haha

My first full day in Malibu was incredible! I had a morning meeting at starbucks where the recruitment officer and I discussed recruitment of course, but more importantly football! She is from Dallas and a life long UT fan so it was a fun meeting :) Justine and Zack picked me up from there and it was off to had an eventful day.

My adventures with Justine and Zack were endless, so I will just hit the highlights:

#1 They took me to a local place called Lily's to have breakfast burritos. It was a little hole in the wall place but delicious!
#2 We drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and the Hollywood strip!

#3 We ventured to a little street in downtown LA with authentic taquitos and guac. Justine was a prankster and got Zack with her childhood confetti eggs, which you know I LOVED haha

#4 We went to Santa Monica and walked around the shops!
Last and certainly not least #5... I got to meet up with Morgan! Morgan is a Tri Delta consultant from OU! It was so fun seeing familiar faces on the road!

The rest of my visit was spent on Pepperdine's beautiful campus! I had so much fun with the women and it was sad to say goodbye... especially at 7 am when I arrived at the airport. I hope to visit the women of Zeta Phi again sometime!

Now boarding for Hartford, Connecticut where I will be visiting the Epsilon Tau chapter at YALE!!!