Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sisterhood. Happiness. Holidays.

I'm back!.. in Oklahoma that is :) Ready to eat some Thanksgiving turkey, spend time with friends & family and of course watch some football! But before I get to all of that let me catch you up on the recent happening in my life.

After my last visit home and Tanna's wedding, it was time to visit Ole Miss again and see the women of Epsilon Zeta! This time I was able to meet all of the new officers as well as hang out with the current officers and membrs. And boy oh boy did I arrive just in time! My first night back in Oxford I was able to attend the chapters Thanksgiving meal! YUMMY! The meal had the best sweet potato casserole EVER! I was also in town to see the women get dressed up in tacky Christmas for their date party. Best of all I was in town to attend a great sisterhood event... skating! It has been so long since I last put on roller blades, but I managed to even WOP while skating! To top off my visit I was able to attend the Twilight premiere of Breaking Dawn part 1 with some of the chapter members! It was a late night and an early morning, but all in all the visit was a major success!!

Following my visit to Ole Miss I headed to the University of Richmond to meet the women of Epsilon Psi! My visit with Epsilon Psi was so much fun! Besides being a gorgeous campus, the women were so hospitable. I stayed in a nearby hotel and was treated like a queen everywhere we went. One afternoon we went to an old school theater, red carpet, gold trim and all and watched The Help. Richmond has a lot of wonderful local places to eat, which the women made sure to take me to.

When it came time to take me to the airport I waited in the lobby instead of going through security and guess who came through the gate to see me... CHRISTA!! Prior to her arrival I met up with Christa's lovely mother and started chatting about the life of an ELC. It made me even more thankful to have the wonderful ELC women in my life! Women who understand what it is like to be doing a job like this and support you unconditionally. Christa's family was so welcoming! I was only able to stay one night but definitely fell in love with the Samaha family!

Early the next morning Christa and I woke up and began a day of adventure prior to my departure for OKC. We started the day by touring the Jamestown Settlement. Such a cool place! Nerdy, I know, but Christa and I had a blast!

The next stop on our adventure was colonial Williamsburg! Christa & I walked around and saw all the old buildings, including the palace! Stopped to take a few funny pictures, saw the William & Mary Theta house, and shopped in a cute Lily store. After all the running around we had lunch at a cute place before heading to my favorite place... Yankee Candle! It is like Christmas all year!!

My time with Christa and her family was too short but so much fun! I cannot wait to visit Williamsburg again :)

From Williamsburg I made the trip home to Oklahoma! The next day happend to be my biggie's (Kara) birthday, so we went to Cafe 501 to celebrate! After lunch with Kara it was time to run a few errands before seeing Michael on his way out of town. We met at Sara Sara Cupcakes, which I LOVE, before he headed home to Ponca.

Now it's time to put the brownies in the oven while we eat some turkey! Monday I will be headed to Stae College, PA to visit Penn State and the women of Beta Phi again :)

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