Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Back to Nashville!!

The beginning of November brought me back to Nashville and reunited with Joni, Katie, Christa & Casey! It was so much fun to see the women of Eta Phi again and walk through this wonderful experience with them.

I loved spending time with the four other ELCs!!! We perfected our ironing abilities, watched tons of movies, and held a beautiful initiation service! The best part of the visit for me was seeing the charter service where Eta Phi was given their charter and each new member signed. Seeing the new members excitement and happiness made my heart happy!

From Nashville I headed home to Oklahoma to see family and friends. I went Christmas shopping with my family and we are already close to finished (WAHOO)! Later in the week I make the road trip to Pampa, TX with my best friends to celebrate Tanna & Chris at their wedding. Pampa didn't know what hit them as all the Theta's hit the town! The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! Every detail was perfect and fun. Tanna did a great job and it was a night to remember!

It was a great trip home, relaxing and fun! Now I am off to Ole Miss, just in time for their Thanksgiving dinner!! Now boarding for Oxford, Mississippi...

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