Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lovin' the California Sunshine & Football Time in Oklahoma!!

Hello from Stockton, California at the University of the Pacific!
My visit to California was wonderful! The women were so welcoming, even had hand made signs for my arrival! My first stop was obvious... In and Out! After ordering off the secret menu and gaining my status as a normal human, we were off to Stockton to see the chapter.
The chapter had just finished a recruitment event that was so cute! The theme was "Under the Sea".... SUPER CUTE!

I shared a room with two incredible women, Corinne & Beth, who were an absolute hoot! They women were so welcoming and best of all... made to order hot breakfast each morning!! YUM!!
I was given a campus tour my first day at the University of the Pacific by two of the women also in the ambassadors program. On the tour we were able to see the Theta's "tabling" and if I do say so the table looked great!!

One of the most exciting things of my visit was getting to see my dear friend Danika! She picked me up from the chapter and we were able to have lunch on our way to the airport. She even made me home made peanut butter chocolatechip cookies, which ended up being my dinner on the plane haha

As my visit came to an end I hated to leave the women of the Phi chapter, however, I did have one thing to look forward to.... It's football time in OOOOOKLAHOMA!! I was able to be home for two nights only, but oh what a difference two nights makes. I LOVED seeing my family, friends and Michael of course!

Saturday morning I headed to Edmond for a Sooner Born & Sooner Bred, Soon They'll be Sooner Wed Shower for Katherine and Ryan! It was so great to see all the girls and spend time relaxing. I drove directly to Norman from the shower. Game day was crazy as usual and so much fun! I am so thankful I was able to be home for such a fun time!

Now I am in State College, PA visiting the Beta Phi chapter at Penn State University! Updates soon to follow :)

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