Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Think Theta, Clemson Recruitment 2011!

Hello from Clemson, South Carolina!

I have had a wonderful week with the women of the Delta Phi chapter! Recruitment was a huge success, full of LATE nights, fun lunch dates, godzilla's, hilarious advisors, and so much more!

On Wednesday afternoon I was greeted at the airport by a very enthusiastic advisor named Melissa... or loving known as Crouch. Little did I know she and a few other advisors would become such fast friends!

The Delta Phi women were so welcoming to me! My roommate, Kelly, was so much fun! She got roped into late night conversations almost every night. The VPA, Caroline, is basically my twin. We have so much in common its unreal! The entire ERB and Exec were so much fun to hang out with... which was nice seeing as how we stayed up until 3 am many nights of my visit.

Caroline, VPA

Some of my favorite, scariest, and funniest memories of my visit come from the cockroach infestation the Little John (basketball arena where rounds 1,2 & 3 were held) seemed to have. Literally, have never seen that many bugs in my life, yet somehow laughed the entire time! The bug invading the exec suite where the majority of our ERB meetings were held was loving named Godzilla by none other than Crouch herself.

Did I mention the first few rounds of recruitment are done in the basketball arena? All of the chapters are separated by tall black curtains, but nothing can contain the noise of all of the door songs! It was such a neat experience to see.

On my last full day at Clemson JP, the ritual advisor, and Caroline took me on a tour of the football stadium to see Howard's Rock. The tradition is for the football coach and team to rub the rock as they run down the hill for football games. When the rock is uncovered there is even security close by! The rock is such a big deal, women come from all over to have their picture taken with the rock in their wedding dress.

JP was such a good sport, she even watched old "There's Only One Oklahoma" clips with me to get ready for game day!! Can't wait for football time in Oklahoma!!

Preference round was held in the iconic bell tower at Clemson. It was such a special night for me! It brought me back to 845 Chautauqua, thinking of my preference round and how much Theta means to me. Three incredible women gave their stories as to why they love Theta and literally brought me to tears. The perfect pref round was topped off by papa john's pizza and working with ERB until 3 am.

I had such a wonderful experienc with the women of Delta Phi! I already miss them and hope to see them again soon! I am looking forward to hearing how successful Bid Day is!!

Now boarding to Stockton, California. I will be visiting The University of the Pacific!

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