Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just the Beginning.

After a month of training, one visit under my belt and a visit home, it's time to fly solo. Before my journey (and this blog) completely begin, here is an update as to how my traveling has been so far.

The month of July was a crazy and exciting month full of new friendships, LOTS of information, laughter and even the NKOTBSB concert to top it off! To recap the month here are a few pictures that captured each moment:

The three full time traveling ELCs (Justine, Katharine, and Me)

This is the group shot of all of the Kappa Alpha Theta ELCs 2011-2012.

This picture was taken after our outdoor photo shoot when we were all literally melting but laughing the entire time.

Last day of training. Notice we all wore black to show our saddness for leaving each other. This photo also features the new sign out front of HQ.

The New Kids on the Block/ Back Street Boys (NKOTBSB) concert. Such a fun night!

Group of the girls at dinner in Indy one night during training.

The beginning of August also shared some exciting and eventful happening! My first visit began August 7th at the University of Arizona with the Beta Delta chapter in Tucson. Each ELC is given a buddy for their first visit. I was very thankful to have Justine Rosenberg with me!

Justine and I enjoyed our time with the women of Beta Delta! Their catchy door song and enthusiastic personalilities made it such a fun time! The visit quickly ended and it was time to travel home for a visit. I was so thankful to make it home in time for two beautiful weddings: Zach and Kris Smith & Kaleb and Taylor Potter.

I was very honored to help serve and attend Zach and Kris's beautiful day! It was so fun to see so many smiling facing my first day home!

Michael and I made the eight hour trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico to join in on the celebration with Taylor and Kaleb. The wedding was incredible!

And lastly, I was able to attend Alpha Omicron's bid day festivities! It was so great to see my Theta family and so many friends!

Shortly after, I hit the road again for my next visit... update coming soon :)

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