Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello from Happy Valley!

My latest travels took me to State College, PA to Penn State University!

I had my worst travel day thus far on my way from Oklahoma to State College. I was already feeling under the weather when I got on my first flight, but I didn't think it would get worse... I was wrong! On my first flight my ears would not pop, the pressure was so strong I started crying mid flight and just put my head in my lap so no one would talk to me. On my layover I was in an awful mood and in a lot of pain, luckily for me Justine Rosenberg was able to calm me down. She instructed me to grab some hot tea with honey in it to help my throat and take my mind off things. By the time my next flight touched down I was feeling halfway human, but still under the weather. I was quickly thrown into a chapter meeting where I met many of the women but was anxious to get some rest.

As the week progressed I began to feel better and better. The women of the Beta Phi chapter were so welcoming and fun to be around. Penn State has a SUPER long recruitment, lasting a total of ten days... wow! The women handled themselves with great ease and the process moved along very smoothly.

My favorite place in State College is the university creamery! The college has a degree in ice cream making, it is where Ben & Jerry's and Baskin Robins learned to make ice cream. Past United States President's have come from all over to try the ice cream. So anyone who knows me knows I was in heaven!

My other fun adventure was with the Beta Phi advisory board and alumnae chapter. One of the founding members of the Penn State Chapter had a birthday party I was able to attend. Grace turned 99 this year!!! She was so precious and we all had a lot of fun talking about Theta and our sisterhood memories.

It was hard to say goodbye after a ten day stay with the women of Beta Phi, but thankfully I will be returning late November to have so more fun with them!

Now boarding for Oklahoma City to celebrate my birthday a bit early and then head on to Nashville to be reunited with Joni and Katie!!

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